Youth Engagement

Recognizing that the climate crisis threatens youth and their futures, 350 Maine helps guide and support young leaders in their efforts to fight for bold climate action and climate justice in Maine. Read below to learn more the history of our Youth Engagement campaign and find out how you can get involved! 


March 2019 Climate Strikes


Maine Youth For Climate Justice

350 Maine has continued to support the youth led- coalition, MYCJ since co-founding it in February 2019. We work with the statewide coalition, Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN) to serve as adult allies to MYCJ.  This means we provide behind the scene support to youth climate action, in an effort to uplift and amplify youth voices, demands, and work. We provide administrative and financial support to MYCJ.  350 Maine’s Youth Engagement Coordinator facilitates MYCJ and keeps 350 Maine and MCAN updated on how they can connect youth to leadership positions and opportunities and show up to support youth in non-tokenizing ways. 350 Maine funds MYCJ’s internship program and Climate Justice Fellowship, while also trying to stipend as many other youth for their climate activism as possible.

MYCJ Representatives at Youth Voices Day, January 2020


Our Youth Engagement Story  

350 Maine began its Youth Engagement work by helping to bring together high school ecology and environmental clubs in Scarborough, Kennebunk, and Cape Elizabeth. They came together to create the Maine Youth Environmental Association (MYEA). MYEA has fought for a solar bill, and played a significant role in the Maine Climate Protectors' petition to decrease Maine's greenhouse gases. They also participated in a student climate summit and rally and had their first MYEA convention in Spring 2018. 

Photo courtesy of Susan Gatti

In fall 2018, 350 Maine developed an intergenerational Youth Engagement Working Group. This group initially focused on supporting the Juliana v. United States case and newly formed Sunrise Hubs. It then shifted its focus to co-founding the youth coalition Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) with Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN), and various high school and college climate and environmental groups.  MYCJ has now grown to include over 250 members and a Core group of 30 youth from all over the state. 

December 2019 Climate Strikes


350 Maine has supported the following youth-centered events:


  • University of Maine at Fort Kent Fusing Indigenous and Western Knowledge System speaker series Spring - Fall 2021
  • Stop New England’s Greenwashing of Hydropower (organized with MYCJ) September 2021
  • COU Youth Day of Action June 2021
  • Arts and Activism Workshop, April 2021
  • Virtual Facilitation Training for Youth February 2021


  • Future Focus Speaker Series, launched October 2020 
  • MYCJ Call with Professor Darren Ranco and Natalie Michelle on Climate Adaptations within the Wabanaki Tribal Nations, October 2020 
  • A Just Climate Action Plan for Maine Webinar, August 2020 
  • A Conversation with Maine Climate Council Community Resilience Working Group hosted through Maine Climate Action Now, August 2020 
  • Anti-Racism Youth Affinity Calls co-hosted with JustME for JustUS and Maine Youth Action Network,  August 2020
  • Youth Public Speaking Virtual Workshop, April 2020
  • Day 1 of Virtual Earth Week - Youth Statewide Call, April 2020
  • Day 2 of Virtual Earth Week - Divestment Webinar, April 2020
  • Day 3 of Virtual Earth Week - Senate Candidate Forum, April 2020 
  • Maine Transportation Webinar, April 2020 
  • Primary Strikes, March 2020 
  • Youth Voices Day, January 2020


  • December 2019 Climate Strikes 
  • September 2019 Climate Strikes 
  • ME Strikes’ Climate Boot Camp, July 2019 
  • Augusta, ME Juliana v. United States Press Conference, June 2019 
  • Youth Day of Action, April 2019
  • March 2019 Climate Strikes
  • Candlelight Rally for the #TrialoftheCentury in solidarity with the Youth v. Gov plaintiffs, October 2018 

Youth Day of Action, April 2019 (image credit: Susan Gatti)


Get Involved

If you are a young person interested in getting involved with Maine’s youth climate movements, reach out to our Youth Engagement Coordinator. She can help you get involved with MYCJ or connect you within another youth-led organization or project that is more specific to your interests. Learn more about MYCJ here

If you are an adult looking to support youth climate work in Maine, please reach out to our Youth Engagement Coordinator about joining 350 Maine’s intergenerational  Youth Engagement Working Group. 

If you are an adult led group or organization that would like to partner with MYCJ or support Maine’s youth climate movements, reach out to our coalition partners in Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN). Learn more about MCAN here