Youth Engagement Working Group

Through the work of an intergenerational team, 350 Maine is engaging young people in their sustainable futures and supporting their initiatives to address climate change. 

Engaging Youth Sustainability and Climate Justice Groups

We're helping guide young leaders in their efforts to fight for a sustainable climate system.  High school ecology clubs in Scarborough, Kennebunk, and Cape Elizabeth have come together to create The Maine Youth Environmental Association (MYEA), and they're growing throughout the Greater Portland area.

MYEA has already fought for the solar bill, and played a significant role in the Maine Climate Protectors' petition to decrease Maine's greenhouse gases. They also participated in a student climate summit and rally and had their first MYEA convention this past spring. 

      Image courtesy of MYEA

Supporting National Youth-Led Movements 

350 Maine's Youth Engagement Working Group supports national youth-led climate organization like Sunrise Movement and Our Children's Trust through local actions in Maine. In October 350 Maine held a Candlelight Rally for the #TrialoftheCentury in solidarity with the the Youth v. Gov plaintiffs. As the Sunrise Movement grows and continues to advocate for a Green New Deal, 350 Maine is throwing watch parties of the latest livestreams and demanding that Maine Senators and Representatives support the Green New Deal.

School Strikes for Climate

On Friday February 8th, inspired by fifteen year-old Swedish student activist Greta Thunberg, five middle school students from the Friends School of Portland — all members of YELL [Youth Environmental Leaders League] for Climate Justice — left their school early to strike for climate justice. 


This movement has only grown throughout Maine, as students across the state, ranging from elementary school to college students, organized multiple strikes and rallies on Friday March 15th, part of an international day of strikes for climate action. 350 Maine's youth engagement team, along with many other intergenerational organizations, utilized their organizing resources to support these students.

Portland rally, courtesy of Shawn Patrick Ouellette at the Portland Press Herald 

To learn more about this initiative, read here


To keep this momentum going in Maine, mark April 23rd on your calendars for the Youth Day of Action in Augusta. If we bring the same energy that we saw on March 15th to Augusta, we can make real change happen in Maine. To learn more check out the Facebook event and A Climate to Thrive's website. Most importantly, REGISTER HERE FOR THE YOUTH DAY OF ACTION!

If you have not already, please also consider signing this petition to demand bold climate action from our legislators to bring with us on April 23rd. 


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