Take Action

To change everything, we need everyone - including YOU!

Citizens of 188 countries across the planet are taking action to keep fossil fuels in the ground and usher in a just transition to a 100% renewable energy economy, and some of us are right here in Maine! As Mainers, we see how the climate crisis is hitting all of us, right now, from farmers in the County to lobstermen off our coasts.

We're collaborating with towns, schools, environmental groups and people across the state, and we're ready to hear YOUR ideas on what comes next.

Whatever your strengths are, whether you're a poster painter, letter writer, protest marcher--or you're just not sure what to do--we've got a home for you. Come join us!




Our Climate Action Work

To learn more about our current climate actions, click here.

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Join a Volunteer Team

No matter what experience and skills you have, or what part of the state you live in, we need you! To learn more about our current open working group roles, please check out this document.

Reduce your own carbon emissions

  • Walk, bike, take a bus, or carpool. (Reduce emissions by 27%)
  • Swap incandescent bulbs for LED lights. (Long lived, inexpensive, and 83% more efficient!)
  • Eat local foods, reduce meat consumption, and waste less. (Livestock produce almost 20% of greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Lower hot water heat and use water-saving devices. (This can cut your water costs by 45%)
  • Use yards and gardens for growing food. (Lowers shipping-related emissions and and captures greenhouse gasses)
  • Upgrade your home's insulation & heating systems, and use solar power. (Many of these upgrades qualify for significant government rebates)