September 20th Strikes


350 Maine, Maine Youth Climate Strikes, and Maine Youth for Climate Justice organized 


Global Climate Strikes throughout Maine

on Friday Sept 20


The Climate Crisis is an Emergency. On September 20th, millions walked out of their workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets, demanding that leaders respond to this emergency and for an end to the age of fossil fuels. Thousands walked out all over Maine. 


The September 20th climate strike exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you so much to everyone who have stepped into their power to shape our collective present and future.

The youth climate strike organizers had a powerful message to share with other youth as well as adults. Climate justice is racial justice, gender justice, economic justice. We must acknowledge the theft of indigenous land and water, the harms of colonialism and corporate capitalism, and build a different system. We can’t do this alone (both for efficacy reasons and the weight of climate anxiety and grief)--we have to take action together. The climate crisis is an emergency and we want our local and state governments to act like it. 

We have so much appreciation for all of the students and other youth who left school or work to join the strike (we know that was not easy for some); all of the teachers and school administrators who supported their students to join; all of the parents who brought their kids and took care of other people’s kids. 

We also wanted to shout out to the workers who joined the climate strikes (whether their employers approved or not) and the businesses that encouraged their employees to join (Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's in Freeport and Lush Cosmetics in South Portland closed their stores so all employees could participate in the strikes)!


Here are some of the Maine climate strikes in numbers and photos:

Climate strike in Portland - 2,000+ people. Photo by Kim Adams (from inside City Hall)

Climate strike in Machias - 50 people (2% of the population!) “Being a small part of something so big was amazing.” - Mark Brown, 350 Downeast

Climate strike in Bangor - 200 people

Climate strike in Bar Harbor - 300 people

Climate strike in Farmington - 200 people

Climate Strike in Norway - 100 people 

Check out more photos here!


To learn more about the September 20th strikes and see the press coverage on them, you can check out Maine Youth for Climate Justice's blog post about them here. To learn more about 350 Maine's Youth Engagement work, check out our campaign page


Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to support 350 Maine’s ongoing work to support youth leaders. If you would like to support us, you can do so here.


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