Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice this September!

Portland Maine rises for climate, jobs, and justice on 9/8/18!


Today, in tandem with global #RiseForClimate, concerned citizens gathered in Portland, Maine to call attention to the absolute necessity of action in regards to the climate crisis, globally and locally.  Commencing at 11:30 this morning, between several hundred participants issued from Lincoln Park and wound their way through downtown Portland in a festive and colorful, costumed march led by the rhythms of the Leftist Marching Band (Portsmouth, NH) and the local Ideal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band.  The procession, replete with a caisson-drawn coffin for the codfish, and participants costumed as lobsters, seals, and other biodiversity pointedly referred to the fate of regional biodiversity given the Gulf of Maine's extreme rate of warming, greater than that of 99% of other global oceanic bodies. Signs calling for immediate action on climate and an end to dependency on non-renewable fuel were borne aloft by a diverse turnout representing youth and students, labor, faith-based organizations, and many more.
After a musical passage and performance through the Greenfest at Monument Square, the march procession culminated in a rally at City Hall with speakers, coalition partners, and voter registration and information tables from event co-sponsors and endorsers.  A street skit eulogy for the codfish somberly touched on population declines in Maine's waters. Youth speakers from many parts of the state took the lead on the microphone with Raina Sparks (Portland), Hunter LaChance (Biddeford), Luke Sekera-Flanders (Fryeburg), and Ryan O'Leary (Scarborough) speaking to underscore the dire importance of action in regards to runaway climate change and its impact on the planet they are inheriting.
Worldwide, tens of thousands participated in demonstrations, marches, rallies, and actions days in advance of the Global Climate Accords in San Francisco.  The Portland event Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice was organized by 350 Maine, Sierra Club Maine, Maine Conservation Voters, Poor People's Campaign Maine, and Portland Climate Action.  Many organizations including the League of Women Voters and Mainers for Accountable Leadership participated in the march and rally.  
Pictures and video available:
Rise for Climate, Jobs, Justice Flyer
Join us in being part of a worldwide mobilization taking place days before the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco, co-sponsored by 350 Maine, Sierra Club Maine, the Poor People’s Campaign Maine, and Maine Conservation Voters.
In cities, town squares, and capital buildings across the world concerned communities are rallying to hold politicians accountable to stand with their constituency in demanding an end to fossil fuels and increased support for renewable energy. To the Leaders who are charged with representing our best interests and defining the future, we say: "It's time to walk the talk!"
Be a part of this festive funereal procession celebrating life, but remembering the victims of the climate crisis in and around the Gulf of Maine. Led by the Leftist Marching Band, the march will pass through the center of town and end in a rally and voter registration at City Hall. A number of diverse groups are participating and we're encouraging you to join in for maximum citizen involvement!
DEMAND! your legislators confront the climate crisis
PRESSURE! election candidates to prioritize climate as a major platform issue
REGISTER! to vote, and use your power to bring climate to the ballot box
#VoteClimateMaine #RiseForClimate