350 Maine is a grassroots movement dedicated to fighting for climate justice. We grow our power collectively to find real and lasting solutions, to end our dependence on fossil fuels, and to build a healthy, sustainable life for people and the planet.

Our Vision

We see fossil fuel addiction as one reason that climate change denial is so widespread despite a clear scientific consensus that climate change is real and human-caused. We acknowledge that corporate greed and dwindling fossil fuel reserves drive the pursuit of extreme forms of extraction, causing ever greater threats to people and ecosystems.

We see a need to create policies that drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and that put the rights of people and the planet before profit. We acknowledge the rights of nature and of ecosystems to exist independent of their value as a human resource.

We believe that real solutions to climate change are ones that build power for people, and that curb the power of corporations.

350 Maine celebrates courageous and playful strategies to inform Mainers and move us toward a future that is fossil-fuel free. We bring passion and respect to our struggle, acknowledging that we must start within ourselves, confronting our fears and caring for ourselves and others en route to realizing our vision.

Our vision for Maine’s future includes:

  • A grassroots movement of Mainers to end fossil fuel dependence
  • Social and environmental justice as the driving force in creation of policy in our state
  • Total divestment of all state monies in fossil fuels
  • Safe foods and products for the people of Maine
  • Energy-efficient homes and buildings for all Mainers
  • A decentralized renewable energy system that is guided by people and not profit margins
  • A just and sustainable public transportation system that works for all of Maine
  • A Maine that is fossil-fuel free by 2030

350 Maine believes that Maine holds a unique position in this global movement as a gateway to coastal waters and foreign markets. We are in the path of many corporate plans to profit from extreme extraction. Maine also has abundant fresh water, and the largest contiguous forest east of the Mississippi River–ecosystems that must be protected.

We recognize the urgency of transitioning off fossil fuels, but we also recognize that this will be a protracted struggle. We are building a movement with a long term vision for the future. We know that we must remain flexible and adaptive—open to change—if we are to succeed.

To help us strive towards these goals, 350 Maine works in coalition with Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC), supports the Energy Pathway as a guide for our state government, and is a lead group in the Maine Climate Protectors. In 2019 we co-founded a broader coalition of organizations dedicated to climate action to address the climate crisis in our state, Maine Climate Action Now. 

Click here to view a Powerpoint slideshow with in-depth information on our mission and activities.

Our Organizational Structure: The 350 Maine Flower