Count me in 100%: Clean Renewable Energy for Maine

100% Clean Renewable Energy Campaign launched in September 2017 to bring local communities towards energy efficiency, sustainability and 100% clean, renewable energy by 2040. Powered by grassroot volunteers members led efforts to engage locals in towns across the state in energy efficiency or sustainability programs, or worked to implement or design Climate Action Plans:


  • In January 2019 350 Maine hired a Campaign Coordinator. A Working Group was formed contributing resources resulting in a primer for access by any town engaging in the campaign. The primer has potential initiative ideas on alternative energy, building efficiency, transportation, public policy, conservation, solid waste, and food systems.


  • 350 teamed with Sierra Club to support South Portland in its Climate Action Plan. We hosted, in partnership with the South Portland Energy & Recycling Committee and Southern Maine Community College, a Window Dressers Community Build for residents January 2019. 317 inserts were made. We provided volunteers for many shifts and luncheon for two days. In January 2020 we repeated this build again providing volunteers to assemble the window inserts and provide lunches.


  • Our Campaign Coordinator and active 350 members provided research, resources and support to the South Portland Energy & Recycling Committee for a draft Sustainability Pledge for Food Businesses. Unfortunately has been shelved for the time being.


  • 350 Downeast (Machias) in partnership with Machias Savings Bank, and funded in part by the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, hosted a Window Dressers workshop December 2018. According to Machias Valley News, these “[183] window inserts went into 26 local homes for a collective savings of roughly 1,900 gallons of oil.” Additionally, over half of them went to low‑income families. Their 2019 build saw similar success with an increase in inserts being provided to low-income families.


  • In the Town of Scarborough a member joined the Conservation Committee and worked on a plastic bag ban which was close to enactment. It was put on hold due to the state ban being enacted. This freed the Conservation Committee to bring a Climate Action Plan forward. 


  • York members joined York’s Energy Steering Committee. With this group they applied to Efficiency Maine for funding for two new Electric Vehicle charging stations for the public library. They teamed up with the local Sierra Club Climate Action Team and held well attended educational events on climate action. 


  • In Waterville members proceeded to organize an event focusing on asking the town to support a carbon fee and dividend resolution and thanking Congresswoman Chellie Pingree for co-sponsoring the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.