Count me in 100%: Clean Renewable Energy for Maine

350 Maine works to bring Maine communities towards energy efficiency, sustainability, and 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 through a variety of strategies and approaches. 100% Campaign members are working across the State in their local communities to bring forward resolutions, proposals, and programs. 

Climate Action Groups

Local climate groups like Scarborough Climate Action have been working hard to create climate action in their towns. They have already moved forward a plastic bag ban, joined town committees, and are now working on state legislation that would help Maine towns achieve climate action. 350 Maine's 100% Campaign supports groups like these in any initiative or program, ranging from enacting a Climate Action Plan to strategizing on how to solarize local schools. 

Energy Efficiency 

350 Downeast, in partnership with Machias Savings Bank and funded in part by the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, hosted a Window Dressers workshop in Machias this past December. In just a few days, volunteers built 183 insulating window inserts. According to Machias Valley News, these “window inserts will go into 26 local homes for a collective savings of roughly 1,900 gallons of oil.” Additionally, over half of them will go to low‑income families with the help of grant money from New England Grassroots Environment Fund and Machias Savings Bank. These inserts will not only help reduce these homes’ carbon footprints, but will also lower their heating costs and keep the homes warmer. Workshops like these are a great way to promote climate justice in Maine and build community. To read more about this workshop, check out The Quoddy Tides’ article on it.   

One goal of 350 Greater Portland and The Sierra Club is to build community engagement and support for climate action efforts in South Portland. They hosted, in partnership with the South Portland Energy & Recycling Committee and SMCC, a Window Dressers Community Workshop for South Portland residents January 5-10, 2019. 317 inserts were made at this workshop. 350 Maine provided volunteers for several shifts and lunch for 2 of the 5 days. Now the South Portland Energy & Recycling Committee is unrolling a Sustainability Pledge for Food Businesses throughout South Portland. Join us to enact programs like these in your towns! 

Machias Workshop, December 2018

How to Get Involved 

If you are a community member who would like support in reaching your town or group's goals regarding sustainability and clean energy, please join us or email 

If you are passionate about these issues and would like to support towns through this campaign, please email to join the 100% Campaign working group.

We need all hands on deck to achieve 100% clean renewable energy by 2030!