Transportation Options

  • Carpool: to offer or look for a carpool ride, check out our handy event Carpool Messaging Board here.
  • Buses: There will be two buses available heading to and from Sebago Lake State Park. They will leave from South Hope and Auburn early on Saturday morning and make several stops for pickups along the way. What better way to enjoy the summer heat together than making new friends and saving gas usage on a fun bus? See this link for details.
    Please RSVP to to make sure we have a seat for you! (Suggested donation $15)
  •  On-site Shuttle: There will also be buses just outside the park to shuttle people into the Park to avoid overfilling the Park parking lots. See this map for parking for the shuttle.
  • Bike and Hike: Want to skip the long lines at the State Park? Park in our satellite parking spot and bike or hike into the park along a trail and avoid the car traffic! (approx. 2 miles from parking lot to the beach)
  • Boats: Why not avoid the queue by paddling in! Right next to the satellite parking spot, there is an easy put in for your canoe and kayak. From there, it's a beautiful 30 minute paddle to the event. When you get to the sandbar, turn in front of it to avoid lots of motor boat traffic and paddle to the shore where you'll see beach chairs set up. We'll be waiting for you!

Regardless of how you choose to get into the park, plan to arrive early as the lines get long very quickly! Gates open at 8am, lines generally form starting around 7am.