The Road Taken: January 29 2015 Email



On Monday afternoon, January 26, 2015, the University of Maine System Board of Trustees unanimously approved a measure to divest all direct holdings from coal companies. The move makes the University of Maine System the first public land grant institution and the first University System in the country to divest any fossil fuel holdings.


For more information, see Setting Precedent for Public Institutions, Maine University System Pulls Funds From Fossil Fuels ( — and be sure to see our photo album from the event.




Welcome to Storm Juno, yet another severe weather event revealing climate disruption. A “historic blizzard” even before it began, it’s important to consider the economic impact of the storm — currently estimated at up to 1 billion dollars. We certainly don’t consider the impact to be “relatively small”, particularly for those who suffer the consequences of global climate change. With announcements of "emergency" for this storm, it would seem important for Governors (including Mr. LePage) and other legislators, the media and the general public to acknowledge the larger crisis that we face. And there's more storms coming...


As per Naomi Klein, in her book This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate, "...before any of these changes (related to confronting climate change) can happen — before we can believe that climate change can change us — we first have to stop looking away."

We are confronted with — and responsible for — such avoidance of reality on a regular basis, with the use of fossil fuels linked to extreme weather that leads to the use of even more fossil fuels to confront the impacts. From the energy to heat our homes to the snow-blowers dotting our neighborhoods to the plows pushing snow off of our asphalt streets, the response to “addiction to oil” often seems like nothing more than a soundbite. As per Klein,”... rather than responding with alarm and doing everything in our power to change course, large parts of humanity are, quite consciously, continuing down the same road."


As supporters of 350 Maine, we are taking the road "less traveled" but we do need each other.  Here’s some considerations of how we might work together:

  • CREDO Action related to the No Keystone XL “Pledge of Resistance”: training in Bangor and Durham on January 31 and a potluck in Waterville on February 8; to RSVP and for additional information, please see this document.
  • Senate action related to the Keystone XL pipeline is still pending; contact your Senator and Mr. Obama to insist “NO KXL!”; see these resources:



  • Maine-Wabanaki REACH is inviting you to attend an ALLY TRAINING in Auburn, Orono, or Portland in January and February. See this link for more information. Here's an interesting link to help "start the conversation".

Save-The-Date: See this Calendar link for information related to upcoming events across the state. Here’s some key ones coming right up:


  • Wednesday, February 11: Maria Girouard, Penobscot Nation member, will be presenting on the Penobscot River case in collaboration with the Colby College Four Winds Native American Alliance, details to be announced. See this link for an essay from Maria regarding the issue.


  • Friday & Saturday, February 13 & 14: Global Dive$tment Day; see the link for events across the country  and in Maine.

> On
Friday, February 13 (10 am to 12 noon), please join our Press Conference: Global Divestment Day of Action, “Maine Divests for a Clean Energy Future” at the Welcome Center of State House, Augusta.  Contact:  Karen Marysdaughter and Read Brugger.

Developing (early February): a retreat related to a spring Maine Students for Climate Justice event (see 2015 'Campus Lead Interest Form for the  2015 'Maine Students for Climate Justice' Action). For more information, contact Miles Goodrich.


Be sure to join Climate Vigils including in:

If you are interested in hosting a Tar Sands Healing Walk presentation in your area, please contact Lee Chisholm, Sarah Lachance or Hilary Clark.See a video of a 11/23/14 presentation in Damariscotta here


Suggested Media:


  • 2014 was the “Year of the Win” - including in Maine (and beyond!): see this video — with a nod to the “Clear Skies Ordinance” win in South Portland (at 1 minute and five seconds) and this written review of the year.

Team 350 Maine