Tar Sands & TD Bank




  • TD Bank is #1 in trading oil sands stocks.
  • TD Bank is #1 in oil sands Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • TD bank is the third largest shareholder in Suncor, which specializes in producing crude oil from Athabasca oil sands and is the world’s largest producer of bitumen.
  • TD bank is the largest shareholder in TransCanada, the owner of the developing Keystone XL Pipeline - and the proposed EnergyEast Pipeline.
  • TD Bank advertises that it is #1 in the Oil Sands Sector.

The boreal forest of Alberta, Canada was once a lush and thriving eco-system. Indigenous Chipewyan and Cree tribes thrived off moose and bison and fished in the Athabasca River. Millions of birds migrated to the wetlands for mating seasons and wolves and caribou carved out their niches in the ecosystem. The land was quiet. The land was peaceful.

This changed when oil prices rocketed and billions of dollars could be made exploiting the regions tar sands oil deposits. Today, Canada’s oil producers clear cut miles of ecosystem to extract oil saturated deep in the soils of the boreal forest. An area roughly the size of Florida is open for various forms of mining and ecological degradation. The regions of Alberta touched by Canadian oil companies have been transformed into marred landscapes of open-pit mines, smoke stacks, and ponds of wastewater containing carcinogenic chemicals. The lush ecosystem has been systematically destroyed.

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