Tar Sands Exposed: Speakers Tour

The 350 Maine Tar Sands Speakers Tour was a resounding success! Thanks to everyone for their hard work and participation - and generosity (we raised thousands of dollars in support of the First Nation's legal defense fundraising effort). More Information soon; for now, see updates of the tour here.  



Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs

Tar sands oil is one of the most extreme forms of energy. The extraction, production, transport and use of this petroleum product has unacceptable toxic impacts, both on environmental and moral levels. In the context of climate change, tar sands oil is a “carbon bomb” as destructive a force as any known to date, with the risk of literally making the planet uninhabitable.

There is another way. We do have the power to make a different choice. But it will take education and awareness, solidarity and commitment, creativity and energy.

Pollution—and solutions—will be considered in the 350 Maine developed speakers tour across New England from January 24th - February 1st. “Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs” will provide an opportunity for all of us to engage around the complex realities of tar sands oil—and to commit to effective responses to the risk of this extreme energy product.

We are excited to host three primary speakers (each with their own unique perspective on the Canadian source of tar sands oil in Alberta) on the tour:

  • Eriel Deranger- of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.
  • Crystal Lameman- of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.
  • Garth Lenz- an international award winning environmental photojournalist, whose work has been featured in National Geographic.

A third component of the tour will be unique to the individual locations across New England (more information available soon). Tour stops include:

Please RSVP by clicking the location of your interest and the event you'd like to attend!

For further information or to provide assistance, please contact Sarah Lachance at sarah@350maine.org; (207) 459-0419.

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Photo credits: 

- picture on the left: David Dodge, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

- picture on the right: Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute

- banner at the bottom: Eben Rose, 350 Maine