Sunday, September 21—in Auburn, in NYC, on the Phone, at the Fair, and Everywhere!

People’s Climate Parade in Auburn Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

090914a.jpgIt’s definite—there will be a People’s Climate March solidarity parade in Auburn on Sunday, September 21—rain or shine! The parade will start at 1:00 p.m. and take a mile-and-a-half route linking Auburn and Lewiston, crossing the Androscoggin twice to do it. The parade is an opportunity to show the impact of climate disruption using banners and costumes. We invite participants to come as displaced species—polar bears, penguins, puffins, humans, etc. We will include a section for species that are invading Maine—think green crabs, Japanese beetles, deer ticks, etc. We want to wrap up the parade line with costumes, banners and signs that focus on peace, possibilities, and solutions. There will be some costumes and banners available for those who want to parade but don’t have time to make something. For more information or to sign up to participate (we have a job for everyone!), contact Wendy (207-777-1980). A big shout-out to Wendy Schlotterbeck, Lisa Ravis, and Heidi Brugger for making a solidarity parade happen!

A Few Words on Buses to People’s Climate March

Everyone is talking about buses to the climate march—buses leaving early, buses staying late, buses from farther north, etc. Unfortunately there is no central information hub for Maine buses to NYC. 350 Maine has had limited success with self-directed car-pool spreadsheets, so we are trying a self-directed and managed bus spreadsheet. Here’s the link to the new hub.090914b.jpg

  • If you are on one of the buses that are listed and have details, please email the bus captain or leave comments for bus captains to add to the spreadsheet.
  • If you are aware of other buses, please send the information to Heidi to add and make sure that you provide a contact so that she can track down someone for more info on a particular bus. (Image: Suzanna Lasker)

Phone Banking Builds Bus Riders

To make sure that we are making good use of resources, we need to fill the buses we’ve reserved for the march in New York city. Willow Femmechild is convening a coalition effort to call and drum up bus rider commitments. Phone banking is on Sunday, September 14, at 090914c.jpgthe Allen Avenue UU church (524 Allen Avenue, Portland 04103) from 5:30-8:00 p.m. The church is set back from the road, from the intersection of Washington Avenue go east/north on Allen Avenue (toward Falmouth), when you come to a dip down in the road that is where you turn left at the church sign. Come up the path to the right as you are standing in the parking lot, the door will be open at this end of the church for you to enter. Phone bankers meet for calling in the back rooms of the church. If you can come, contact Willow at 317-6531 (cell). Please bring your fully charged cell phones with you for making calls!

Live Streaming the March at Common Ground Fair

350 Maine will be at MOFGA’s Common Ground Country Fair all three days (9/19-21). We are working on a live stream from the People’s Climate March to be shown at our booth in the Environmental Concerns tent at the Common Ground Country Fair 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help staff the booth! This fair is our annual opportunity to reach out to an estimated 60,000 people with our message about climate disruption and just and sustainable ways we can address this issue together. Be sure to stop by if you go to the fair; it’s also a good chance to catch up with 350 Mainers you might not get to see regularly.

Don’t Forget the Two-Wheelers!

The Bike Brigade is strictly a voluntary, individual effort; the choices made and any liability are solely that of individuals who choose to join the ride. If this interests you, contact

Suggested Media All criminal charges dropped! Statement from Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara about their trial for blocking a load of TMTR coal from reaching the Brayton Point power plant in Massachusetts. Also media links to coverage of this ground-breaking trial for climate. 350’s latest movie has some science, some politics, and some history and takes the viewer right up to now. It makes you want to get on the bus to NYC! It’s free, less than an hour, thought provoking, and a great tool for our organizing!