STOP Open Pit/Mountaintop Removal Mining in Maine


Prevent Open Pit/Mountaintop Removal Mining in Maine

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Please attend the hearing of (or write to) the Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) to demand protection from mining pollution.


WHAT: Please speak out in opposition to Maine’s Draft Mining Rules

WHERE: Conference Room @ the Augusta Civic Center

WHEN: Thursday, October 17 @ 9 am.

HOW: Attend the meeting and provide public testimony

There are many resources providing a broad range of information; see links below.

Also see this self-managed carpool link:

NOTE: If you are unable to attend, please submit written comments to: Jeffrey Crawford, 
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
, 17 State House Station
, Augusta, ME  04333 OR EMAIL your comments to: by OCTOBER 28th.



In 2012, JD Irving [a Canadian-based conglomerate active in many industries (including the fossil fuel industry) and Maine’s largest landowner] pushed a bill through the Maine Legislature to weaken mining pollution regulations in Maine. LD 1853 stripped the environmental safeguards out of the previous regulations which had been in effect for 30 years. Allowing these rules to go through will allow mining of metallics resulting in giant sacrifice zones and destroyed watersheds throughout the state. The potential effects of mining on wildlife and wildlife habitat in Maine could be devastating.

This fall, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) released a draft of new mining rules based on this flawed law. We need to turn out in force to tell the BEP that DEP’s proposed mining rules don’t go far enough to protect Maine’s people, wildlife, and clean water. At some time following the public hearing the BEP will meet to vote on the rule changes. If approved they will go to the full legislature for a final vote in 2014.


Resources for information

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