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350 Maine Statewide Gathering: PLEASE R.S.V.P. (see link below)

You're Invited! --  to the 350 Maine Statewide Gathering.  Though our in-the-room-together experience does not start until 1/28… we’ve already started a powerful experience together -- and we’re excited about this tremendous opportunity to get to work. There is MUCH to do.

Join us -- and Spread the Word!


A Day of Sharing and Planning


9:30 to 3:30 pm

Maine Coast Waldorf School, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

(Snow Date: Sunday, January 29th)


  • Explore, define -- and take Action!: “Who we are as 350 Maine… and how do we effectively engage in the larger world and with each other?”

  • Grow our coalition of partners

  • Expand 350’s presence in Maine

  • Agree to specific actions and working teams

WORKSHOPS: Please note -- the realities of our Gathering allow for your attendance at one morning Workshop session and one afternoon session (though you are certainly free to “migrate” from one Workshop to another). Given the interconnections of these various Workshops, the distinctions are somewhat arbitrary; our Gathering will be revealing and supportive of the connections --and the distinctions -- and all will share in Workshop report-backs and Action planning.

Morning Session:

  • Fossil Fuel Bank Campaign & Divestment -- including DAPL

  • Extreme Energy & Solutions (including renewables)

  • Organizing: Local 350 Groups and Teams -- updates, development and support

Afternoon Session:

  • Climate Justice & Rapid Response Team development

  • Washington Climate March (April 2017)

  • Communications (messaging, social media, art, etc.)


Here’s some specific “Housekeeping” considerations to optimize the experience for all:

  1. MapMaine Coast Waldorf School, 57 Desert Road, Freeport
  2. Carpooling: see Carpool Message Board here
  3. Parking and access realities: we will forward information with a final confirmation. 
  4. Food/Drink: Neither food nor beverages will be served so be prepared to bring your own.
  5. Meeting materials:


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