Activities at Sebago Lake State Park


  • Music - there will be live music throughout the day, including our amazing headliners Melodeego and their bike-powered sound system!
  • Press Conference and Rally- motivating speeches from local environmental groups and founder Bill McKibben!
  • Information Area- Wanna learn more about the resistance to tar sands, other concerning forms of extreme energy, and climate change--and how to get involved? Come visit the friendly folks at the info area all day long and start a conversation!
  • Singing and a Parade- Learn and sing great new and old songs of tar sands resistance and march around in a parade!
  • Kid's Area- Hula hoops, face painting, sign making, storytelling, T-Shirt design (bring a T-shirt and silkscreen it onsite and wear your creativity on your sleeves)
  • The Sebago Lake Flotilla- we're going to gather in the lake in our swimsuits, inner tubes, kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats and what-have-you in a show of solidarity and commitment to protect our sacred water! If you put in your kayak/canoe out by the shuttle lot, enjoy a relaxing 30 minute paddle down the Songo, you'll know you've arrived when you see the sandbar.  Turn left in front of the sandbar.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself!)- Make your own fun opportunities galore. Come prepared to enjoy one of Maine's most pristine lakes! Bring your own picnic, floats, and whatever you need to have a blast!