South Portland

Dear friends, – and 350 Maine - are calling our allies across the state today to come to the assistance of the Concerned Citizens of South Portland (CCSP) in their opposition to ExxonMobil's plans to build a toxin-spewing export terminal on the shores of Casco Bay.Bug-Light-300x217.jpg

Such a terminal would allow the flow of millions of gallons of Canadian tar sands to be transported through the region, putting our planet, our local waterways, and community health at unacceptable risk.

We are calling upon our supporters across the state (particularly in the Greater Portland area) to ensure that this proposed project be stopped before it takes even one more step.

At this moment, the CCSP needs our immediate help in order to successfully execute their brave stand against the construction of the export terminal planned by the Portland Montreal Pipe Line on Casco Bay.

Signup here to volunteer.

All evidence indicates that ExxonMobil – the majority owner of the PMPL - wants to pump toxic tar sands oil through New England and South Portland is now a crucial battle line in the fight to stop them

In addition to the climate change risks of tar sands oil production, additional local impacts – with or without with a spill or rupture – would be devastating.

As the CCSP says firmly, "The threats that tar sands pose to our environment, health, water supply and air quality are simply unacceptable."

As part of their resistance, local residents announced a new campaign to qualify a citizen’s initiative for the November ballot to keep South Portland safe from tar sands oil.

The Waterfront Protection Ordinance would change the city’s zoning ordinance to block ExxonMobil from developing additional oil infrastructure needed to export tar sands out of Casco Bay. This would include the building of two 70-foot smokestacks, which would spew toxins directly into the surrounding community. and 350 Maine ask for your help in supporting the CCSP's campaign to gather signatures the 1,000 signatures of South Portland residents they need by June 17. Primary to this effort is amassing an army of volunteers to help gather signatures this weekend and in the ten days remaining. (More info here)

To participate in this effort, you can signup here, or email with subject line "Tars Sands Free SoPo". Once you do, we'll be in touch. 

With deep thanks. Onward,

Bob Klotz

350 Maine Tar Sands Team Coordinator