Simplify The Holidays


You are cordially invited to Take Back the Holidays!
(an initiative developed by 350 Greater Portland)

Here Comes the Holly Jolly
The Holiday Season is upon us. Hopes build. Expectations abound. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving we naturally begin to think about Christmas and other December holidays. We make lists of stuff we need to buy. American culture teaches us to celebrate the holidays by buying stuff, and that spending lots of money on lots of stuff shows family and friends how much we care. A Christmas tree piled with presents says “Joy to the World!”, right? Or does it?  

The Problem with Holiday Shopping
Much of the stuff we buy contributes to climate chaos throughout the production and distribution process. Annie Leonard explains in The Story of Stuff how the ways we make, get, use and discard stuff increases climate instability.

Mining, growing and collecting raw materials to make stuff burns fossil fuels and releases greenhouse gases. Transporting those raw materials all around the world to be made into stuff burns fossil fuels.  Manufacturing stuff and all its packaging burns fossil fuels. Getting stuff to stores and warehouses and homes burns fossil fuels. When we throw it away, dealing with all that trash puts more greenhouse gasses into the air. So, instead of fueling more climate chaos by buying more stuff, this holiday season, consider celebrating a different way.  

Do you want to battle through Black Friday?  OR, you could... Simplify The Holidays.

This Friday, November 27, the day after Thanksgiving…

  • Take the First Step.

Buy Nothing.  Stay Home, or Get Outside and play like REI, which will close to "Opt Outside".

  • Step Two

“...consider creating holidays that instill more meaning into the season and encourage more sharing, laughter, creativity and personal renewal” (source here).

Take the Pledge to Simplify the holidays.

Join 350 Maine as we explore more satisfying and sustainable ways to Celebrate -- and Take Back Our Holidays!