September 8 2016 email


As we move towards the “harvest”, there is much to, let’s get to it

#NoDAPL: Solidarity at Standing Rock — No to the Dakota Access Pipeline

Though there was a significant Keep-It-In-The-Ground success with the now failed Sandpiper pipeline project in the northwest, disturbing realities continue with the Dakota Access pipeline.  

What does this have to do with Maine? Well, it’s all connected of course — including solidarity opportunities. This includes Maine’s Native American tribes traveling to North Dakota to participate in the action there (consider donating to that effort: Help Wabanaki to North Dakota).

How can you be involved? Please see this link for additional information and consider opportunities in Maine to support the opposition to the pipeline:

  • Please join the Wabanaki Bangor event on 9/11; see more information here.

  • See other local solidarity efforts in development across the state;  join with others in your area!

    • 350 specific events on Tuesday 9/13 — particularly targeting President Obama — see here.

    • Additional events — particularly targeting banks funding pipelines — see here.

NOTE: though currently listed as distinct events (some already established), these events will soon be integrated -- including via messaging. 

Extreme Energy and Solutions Team -- upcoming issues and events

  • Un-Natural Gas     

As per Maine’s own Chloe Maxmin in her recent online article in The Nation, “The gap between climate justice and climate policy is now so profound that it jeopardizes Americans’ rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. And this is no more true than right here in Maine, where “Governor LePage wielded his power in an attempt to force Maine ratepayers to fund expansion of natural-gas pipelines”.

The recent Public Utilities Commission (PUC) proposal for natural gas infrastructure development escalates this risk; it is time for us all to speak out in opposition to this extreme energy choice.

If you’re interested in being involved in action related to the proposal for natural gas infrastructure before the PUC, please contact Chloe — and see the Maine Students for Climate Justice (MSCJ) Facebook Page.

  • Tar Sands

The tar sands risk remains ever-present; consider:

Please contact Sarah Lachance to be part of 350 Maine’s Extreme Energy and Solutions Team


Mountaintop Removal Is Back: September 15 BEP Hearing in Augusta

For the THIRD time, toxic mining is supported by corporate and political entities intent on denying the will of the people. Now the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) will be considering weak mining rules — and we need to stand up yet again.  

See NRCM’s information link: contact the BEP and join us to in Augusta on September 15.


Join Us At the Common Ground Country Fair: September 23-25 in Unity

The fair season is upon us — and we look forward to meeting with you at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity.

  • There’s some exciting news related to transportation to the Fair (see this link for detailed info):

    • Common Ground Fair Buses: exciting news! School buses carrying people across the state...
    • Other transportation:

      • Carpooling
      • Bicycle trekking: contact Bob Klotz for further information about individuals and groups traveling to the Fair via bike.

Calendar -- Save-The-Date: 


  • Our friend Andy Burt of the Down to Earth Storytelling Project is launching a new film project and needs your help. The goal is to collect photographs of climate solutions taking root across Maine; the photos will be put together into a fast-paced, 5-minute film that can be widely shared with the general public and elected officials. See this link for more information.


As always, your support of 350 Maine — in many forms — is much appreciated. 

We are continuing to grow our activities and financial support extends our abilities significantly.

Please see this link for additional information related to much appreciated donations.

NOTE: if there’s a particular area/issue that you’d like to support (state chapters: York, Portland, Waterville, Bangor, etc.; Divestment Team, Extreme Energy and Solutions Team, etc.), please identify so that we can direct the funds appropriately.