Senator Collins: No to Climate Deniers

Keep climate deniers out of the White House!

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-- Susan Collins at Bowdoin College, October 26, 2016 (source here)

“It’s time Senator Collins shows true leadership at this critical point in history when we know the science is clear and we must act now on real climate policy,” said Sarah Lachance, of 350 Maine's Extreme Energy and Solutions Team.“Her first step in doing that is to say no to these cabinet nominees of climate deniers.”

We have a big opportunity here in Maine to have Senator Collins and King (especially Collins!) say NO to Trump's scary cabinet picks.  Unlike many other Republicans, she understands the threats of climate change.  And, a few years ago, she even put forth her own legislation to address the matter. Her vote could be what stops these nominees from happening!

Please join us to to ask Maine's Senators to do the right thing: Keep climate deniers out of the White House!

See this link for a review of activities across the state on January 9th, the national "Day Against Denial".

We know this year is going to be a busy one. This effort is so very important.  Please join us! If you were not able to join us on the 9th, please go to the congressional offices on another date

Contact Senator Collins and Senator King

NOTE: the links take you to their "Contact Me" page; see this resource to assist with direct calling -- and spread the word to friends and family across the country to contact their Senators!

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