Schedule of Events

Tentative Schedule:

8AM-10:30AM: Demonstration at Route 302 pipeline crossing

8AM: Sebago Lake State Park gates open

PLEASE NOTE: Sebago Lake State Park is very busy on the weekend, so please try to arrive as early as possible! (Gates open at 8AM, and we recommend people get there as early as 7AM to get in line)

9AM: Park activities begin

10:30AM: Parade!

11:00AM: Flotilla!

12:00PM: Press Conference

1:00PM: Musical guests Sock Puppet perform

After the press conference, students who are interested or involved in divestment campaigns will meet to connect and share experiences. 

ALL DAY: Enjoying the waters of Sebago Lake, meeting awesome people from around New England. 

(Sebago Lake State Park is open until 8PM, people are encouraged to stay as long as they like to enjoy this beautiful Maine treasure!)