Risking Arrest at Brayton

Risking Arrest at Brayton Point on the Bus? Be sure to read this!
Also valuable if you're traveling separately from the larger groups...

For detailed logistics and transportation information, as well as legal information if you’re still deciding whether to risk arrest click here. And if you haven’t already, please fill out this detailed participant form to help 350 Massachusetts manage logistics!

Here's the plan for the action:

Training: July 27th at 1 p.m.
 Open Table Church
1520 Broad St, Providence, RI

The training is mandatory for those risking arrest, but anyone participating is welcome! 350 Maine buses will not be provided for this part of the action. If you are risking arrest, you need to make your own transportation arrangements. The training will begin at 1 p.m. sharp but arrive anytime after 11 a.m. to socialize and get to know others taking part in the action. Participants will spend the night at the church and head to the action together in buses the next morning. The detailed participant form includes a space to request accommodations overnight.

Parking at the church is limited. Overnight parking is available at the Providence Amtrak Station for $20. If you plan on driving, make sure your car is full and know that we cannot guarantee space at the church. This rideshare board will allow you to find others leaving from the same area. The church is easily accessible via Providence public transit from the Providence Amtrak Station; see directions here. After the action those who participated in the training will be taken back to Providence, where they can return home the way they came. 

Action: July 28th at 8:30 a.m.

Meet at the Somerset Park & Rides
There are two park & ride locations in Somerset: a lot at the intersection of Slades Ferry Ave and Brightman St (detailed map here) and a lot at the intersection of Home St. and Wilbur Ave (detailed map here). These are the closest public parking spaces to the plant.

Everyone who did not spend the night at the training and who is not risking arrest will meet at one of these two park & ride locations between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., where participants can park their cars. From the park & rides we will provide buses that will take everyone to a rally and final training session at a public space close to the plant, after which we will march the final ¾ mile together to Brayton Point.

Please use the same rideshare board if you’re driving or looking for a ride on 7/28, and note if you’re planning to stick around after the action to help with jail support. If you’re coming from Boston, you should either rideshare or take public transit to the Providence Amtrak station, where we’ll have a shuttle bus ready to take you to Somerset. In addition, a number of 350 state chapters are organizing buses to arrive at the action at 8:30 on 7/28. Follow the links on our website here to get a ride from out of state!

Again, it’s essential for our planning purposes that you fill out this form if you plan on participating in the action, so please do so if you haven’t already.

In just over two weeks we'll be making history together! But to make this action as big as it can be, we need your help. Will you take two minutes to send this form to 3 friends who will join us at Brayton Point? Our strength in numbers will make our demand impossible to ignore. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks, and please email us with any questions not answered on our website.