Protect South Portland Support Opportunities

Please consider this direct request for your help with a very specific issue…in very specific ways.




Protect South Portland (PSP) is a group of citizens in South Portland who have developed the Waterfront Protection Ordinance (WPO). The WPO is a powerful mechanism to ensure that toxic and dangerous tar sands oil does not come into South Portland. This effort will help to ensure the goal of NO TAR SANDS  - anywhere! 

An aggressive disinformation campaign has been initiated by the oil industry. This includes the profoundly disrespectful representation of the grassroots effort as “citizens duped by extremists” and controlled by “out of state” forces. Such dishonest claims are maddening - especially given the "radical" commitment of the fossil fuel industry to destroy the planet with their business practices and the fact that the Portland Pipe Line Company is majority-owned by ExxonMobil - with only one U.S. citizen on its Board.

In addition, media advertising (full page print ads, radio and television ads – and other marketing) continues to reveal the true intention of the fossil fuel industry – despite statements of “no plans for tar sands”.

The greed-based propaganda machine of the oil industry continues to spread their lies. This includes a recent “study” that significantly distorts the facts – rolling out the usual fear-mongering with references to negative impacts on jobs and destruction of the all-powerful oil industry.

They may have the financial currency but we have…each other: people power! But we need to go into ACTion NOW – in support of the grassroots local citizens (and over 200 local businesses) in South Portland.

***WE NEED YOU – with your feet on the ground (and your head to the phone) to make contact with the citizens of South Portland in support of Protect South Portland and the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

The primary goal of the effort involves going to door-to-door in South Portland to meet with neighbors there to remind and encourage them to go to the polls (or in advance) on November 5th and vote FOR the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

We are asking people to confront their anxiety and discover how easy – and inspiring (and valuable) – the experience is. Consistently, though of us who have done so have realized how important – and useful – the effort is.

There are many opportunities for involvement – including:

  • Every weekend: Canvassing every Saturday from 10-1 and Sunday 12-3
  • Monday, 10/21: "Get Out The Vote” Phone Bank at the office from 6:00-8:30 pm
  • Tuesday, 10/22: "Get Out The Vote" Planning @ the office from 6-8 pm
  • Wednesday, 10/23: Canvassing at 5 pm
  • Thursday, 10/24: Canvassing from 6-8:30 pm

Please contact Roberta Zuckerman ( to coordinate your involvement. The PSP office is at 72 Ocean Avenue in South Portland (across from the Bridgeway Restaurant; see map). 

We are all busy – with many demands on us. However, this is a powerful, direct, simple and essential part of true democracy-in-action. And critical to the survival of the planet – and all of us.

Thank you.

Team 350 Maine