What: Feb. 15th - National Preach-In on Climate Change
When: February 15, 2014 at 12pm
Where: Congregations statewide - various times
Map: Google map and directions
Contact: Grace Falconer



Last year IPL sent over 30,000 postcards to President Obama asking him to act boldly on climate, and he did! This summer he issued his Climate Action Plan and this fall the EPA came out with proposed carbon safeguards for power plants. Now, we’re going to send thousands of postcards to Congress so they hear our call to protect Earth’s climate, and thus our children’s future and all of Creation. We are doing our part to protect that future, now we need our elected officials to do their part.

Please join IPL and congregations February 14-16th!! 

Let us know here that your congregation will be participating! And please leave a comment to let us know how!

Find all the resources you will need to guide you, as well as our Preach-In Kit athttp://www.preachin.org/. It will help you host a climate sermon and activity at your congregation.

See what other ways faith communities can be involved in responding to climate change too! And please, always feel free to contact us to get find out more or to volunteer on any campaign!

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