People's Rally in Sherbrooke, Quebec

On October 6 at 1:30 p.m. there will be a citizen’s rally in Sherbrooke, Quebec to commemorate the July Lac Megantic train explosion and to address the root cause of so many of our problems--our dependence on oil and the related socio-economic machine. The event will include music, speeches and a march. 350 Maine has been invited and several of us are already planning to go.

To connect with those of us who are attending, contact or call 207-382-6477. If you plan to attend on your own, we will be assembling at the On-Strathcona Square Amphitheater in from of the City of Sherbrooke, at 13:30 (1:30 p.m.)      

Here is the Facebook link for those who can read French!:

Here's the current English translation of the sponsoring groups Facebook Page about the Event:

In response to the climate and environmental crisis, a collective of citizens and groups is calling for a real energy transition.

The event will be welcoming, thought-provoking and festive and will include:

- Speeches and discussions about energy issues

- Artistic performances: the Chernobyl Blues Band & others

- Food

- More!

This people's gathering is intended to be a response to projects for the development and transport of oil and other dirty forms of energy in Quebec. We believe that the right reaction to the tragic events of Lac-Mégantic consists of going to the root of the problem: our dependency on hydrocarbons and the socioeconomic structures that are tied to it.

Participating groups:

Les AmiEs de la Terre de l’Estrie and their partners: le Moratoire d’une génération, Québec solidaire Estrie, Serge Mongeau of the Mouvement des Villes en Transition, representatives of Greenpeace Sherbrooke and of la Coalition Vigilance Oléoduc.

Where and when:

At the Carré-Strathcona Amphitheater in front of the Sherbrooke City Hall, starting at 1 PM and continuing through the afternoon, Sunday, October 6.

Everyone come and bring others. Another world is possible!