On April 29, 2017

One hundred days after the inauguration,

 By the hundreds of thousands

We will march on Washington, D.C

We are mobilizing to push back against the fear, the xenophobia, the hatred, and the climate denial rising like smog from the offices of the Trump Administration. We are marching:

  • For clean air, pure water, a healthy climate
  • For an end to attacks on refugees, people of color, indigenous communities
  • For a safe, sustainable economy powered by renewable energy
  • For good jobs, living wages, and workers’ rights
  • For truth-telling and freedom of speech and press
  • For science, science teaching, and an open, free marketplace of ideas

We will demonstrate our power from the gates of the White House to the long vistas of the Capitol. We will bring our solutions to our elected representatives in Congress.

And when we return home, we will build on this vision and perpetuate the People's Climate Mobilization in state legislatures, city halls, town meetings, our streets and communities by unrelenting advocacy and courageous action in support of climate justice.


350 Maine is teaming up with the Sierra Club and other coalition partners to help get Mainers to Washington by bus!

UPDATE: the buses are full! If you would like to offer a ride or look for a ride, see the carpool page here.

Cost: $50 per person round trip. Lower cost tickets available.

Time: Leaving Portland Friday, April 28 around 11 pm and arriving in Washington about nine hours later. Leaving Washington after the march around 3 pm Saturday and arriving back in Portland between midnight and 1 am. (There may also be a bus leaving Friday morning with a hotel overnight; total cost bus and hotel $175.)

Volunteer: If you would like to help get Mainers to DC, please contact us at info@350maine.org.

Donate: We want to make sure that every Mainer who wants to participate can attend. Can you sponsor a bus rider(s)?