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SAVE-THE-DATE: December 12, 2015
350 Maine and 350 New England Supports the Road Through Paris

Join 350 Maine — in association with our 350 New England partners — as we align with the 350.org Road Through Paris and the international mobilization related to the United Nations "Conferences of the Parties" (COP) in Paris. 

We are planning a regional action on December 12 and will be sharing more information very soon — because we need YOU!

After all — "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For"...and we are not waiting any longer!


350 Maine Supports “...Chang(ing) Everything”!


350 Maine Supports the Maine Peace Walk

The Maine Peace Walk 2015 continues along the coast of Maine; see images here. 

Beginning in Ellsworth on October 9 and ending in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on October 24, the Maine Peace Walk is coming to the Greater Portland area from October 18-20.

Please support — and participate in — the Walk, anywhere along its route, and for any time that you can. 350 Maine, 350 Greater Portland and the 350 Extreme Energy and Solutions Team aligns with the theme of the 2015 Maine Peace Walk ("Demilitarize Our Oceans") consistent with our "Waters of Maine" campaign.

For more information about the Walk, see this link — and see this flyer for information related to the Walk coming to the Greater Portland area on 10/18, 19 and 20, including: 

  • Monday, October 19: Freeport to Portland — with a potluck supper and a presentation by Bob Klotz of 350 Maine

  • Tuesday, October 20: Portland to Saco


350 Maine Supports the Penobscot Nation

Thanks to all who turned out in support of the Penobscot Nation for the recent “Penobscots vs. Mills” trial in Portland.

It is essential that we continue to support our partners in the climate justice battle. One way to do that: via attending screenings of “The Penobscot: Ancestral River, Contested Territory”, a documentary that looks at the realities of the tribal-state relationship in Maine. See additional details here,   including details of screenings across the state. 

For more information, to schedule a screening, or to order a DVD of the film, please contact sunlightmediacollective@gmail.com.


350 Maine Supports Renew-able Rockland 

Please attend the “Rockland Energy’s Future” Forum on Thursday, 10/29 at 6 p.m. at the First Universalist Church, located at 345 Broadway, in Rockland.

Renew Rockland and other partners (including 350 Maine) are attempting to confront an attempt to bring a natural gas power plant into Rockland (see more information here — and a flyer for the event here). Given climate change realities and our need to say “OFF!” to extreme energy choices and “ON!” to renewables, this Forum is essential to ensuring a just transition.


Other October Events

Please see —and share —  events via our developing Public Calendar. If you have a suggestion for a listed event, please contact Bob Klotz​; use the subject heading "Calendar"​.


Bill McKibben Supports Us All!

#ExxonKnew. Bill McKibben was arrested in Burlington, VT on Thursday, 10/15/15 — for all of us!

See Huffington Post: "Bill McKibben Got Arrested While Protesting Outside An ExxonMobil Station" and The Burlington Free Press: "Bill McKibben arrested in Vermont gas-pump protest" (video).

And see Bill's article in the Guardian here: The Guardian: "Exxon's climate lie: 'No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad'" - Bill McKibben

And then there's this petition: http://www.climatehawksvote.com/prosecute_exxon — and this list of Exxon-Mobil stations in Maine: Google maps



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...in many forms, including financial!

350 Maine is an all-volunteer effort with expenses reinforcing the value of your contribution. Please support 350 Maine to whatever degree and in whatever way you can — and in addition to reinforcing our team efforts (of which you are a key player), your financial support helps to offset what has proven to be some fairly significant costs along the way.

We anticipate checking in with you with this request in the coming months (we have a feeling that you will be seeing a number of year-end requests...including in support of 350 Maine) — but we feel that now is also a perfectly good time to make a donation!

For additional information about that process — including to YOUR benefit — please see this link.

And, as always, thank you!

Don’t miss this National Geographic “Special”: 

"Climate Change Is Here"

— including in Maine (see sea level rise maps here)

Team 350 Maine