November 26 2016 email blast


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Consistent with the request of indigenous peoples (including here in Maine: “...pray, pray, pray…” -- June Sapiel of the Penobscot Nation), today, at 4 p.m. EST, is the #PrayWithStandingRock event (see additional information here) -- including in Monument Square in Portland, Maine.


June Sapiel, Sherri Mitchell and Kathy Paul of the Penobscots in Bangor on 11/25 at the “Standing Rock -- Stop the Violence” Event          
-- photo source: Nickie Sekera

#NoDAPL: No Dakota Access Pipeline
-- An Update by Lee Chisholm of 350 Maine

You’ve seen the pictures from Sunday, November 20: rows of armed police—as depersonalized as soldier ants in their body armor, face shields, and helmets—unleashing pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, percussion grenades, and water cannon into the frigid air of a North Dakota night on unarmed Native American men, women, and their allies. Over 160 people were injured by this most recent police assault (one, a 21 year-old woman, so seriously that she may lose her arm).

And you know the reason that this force so acted: to protect a pipeline, the pipeline of an industry whose time, while passing, cares so little for justice that it would sooner extinguish all the fires of Native American resistance and silence a movement—encase it in ice--than open up and hear, even for a moment, the sounds of a desperate planet at a turning point in time.

The determination and the bravery of the water protectors at Standing Rock is already historic. You can be (or continue to be) a part of this history. The Army Corps of Engineers is calling for more study and input from the tribe AND announcing a December 5 closure of the main encampment. Further, the pipeline company is simultaneously pressing a federal judge to allow it to proceed to lay its pipe under the Missouri River with evidence that construction activities continue. 

We MUST make ourselves felt -- and heard!

Please see our webpage for some of the many ways you can help (including via this list).

Also, please consider these media and other sources regarding recent events -- including in Maine -- which affect all of us; thanks to all who have stepped up in support!

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