350 Maine’s Carbon-Cutter No-Fly Pledge

Air travel is the fastest growing contributor to climate change—over the period 2002–2050 the overall contribution of air travel to climate change is expected to increase from 3.5% to 6–10%. Flying produces a lot more CO₂ than any other mode of travel. What's more the CO₂ released in the upper atmosphere is far more damaging than that released on the ground.

Choosing not to fly is an immediate and very effective way of reducing your contribution to climate disruption.

Change can be challenging so we are starting this change by targeting frequent, casual, short-distance, short-break, leisure flights—flights that are only possible because they are cheap; flights that are disproportionately polluting because most of the fuel is used getting to cruising height and then almost immediately landing; journeys that can easily be made by rail.

Gold pledge

  • You pledge to limit any flights this year to emergencies.

Silver pledge

  • You pledge to limit flights this year to not more than two return short-haul flights or one long-haul flight, except in an emergency.

Sign the pledge and make an impact! Then send us photos of yourself and your family and friends using rail or ridesharing or whatever other means you choose to replace air travel to info@350maine.org.

Once you sign the pledge below our website will take you to a two question survey to ask for your pledge level and zipcode.

Learn more about airplane emissions!

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No-Fly Pledge