National Call-In Day Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership




350 Maine is working with our friends at Food and Water Watch to support the National Call-In Day Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Wednesday, February 12th. 

The TPP is the massive trade deal being negotiated in secret that will threaten communities ability to ban fracking, tar sands oil and host of other extreme energy risks. Congress is currently considering legislation that would grant President Obama special fast track authority to negotiate the deal and now is a critical time to stop it.

Americans Against Fracking is organizing a national call in day February 12 to urge members of congress to say no to Fast Track and No to the TPP. Will you join us?

Here's what you can do:

1. Join the Facebook event here and invite your friends and share with your networks.

2. Food & Water Watch has set up a number -- 1-888-925-7006  --  for coalition members to use that will count the number of calls the coalition makes. Use the message: "As a constituent, I want my representative to vote NO on Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This pro-corporate trade deal would threaten our water and food safety, undermine our democracy and hurt our communities."

We are making a lot of progress in fighting TPP and this is a fight we can win. Lets make sure members of congress know that the anti-fracking movement stands strongly against this destructive and undemocratic deal.

For more information, see further information here and here.