Marking Some of the Ways We Act to Defend Community and Climate

In Court with the Auburn Train Blockade Arrestees

On Thursday, May 22, a courtroom packed with 60-plus observers watched as Doug Bowen and Jessie Dowling made their case for using a competing harms defense in their upcoming oil train blockade trial. A competing harms defense would mean that the defendants would be able to use evidence that proves they were breaking the law in order to prevent a larger disaster from occurring, such as the devastating oil train rail derailment that killed 47 in Lac Mégantic, Québec, in July last year. Shipment of crude by rail has increased—especially as our successful resistance to pipelines delays oil industry plans! For more photos see our Facebook album and check out this chant video. Click here for local press coverage of the event.

Within Our Faith Communities on Fossil Fuel Divestment

On Wednesday, May 21, 350 Maine and Maine Interfaith Power & Light sponsored a statewide meeting on faith-based fossil fuel divestment at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Augusta. A dedicated group of faith activists from numerous denominations and faiths were invited and attended by the dozens! To read more about their successes and plans for the days ahead, check out the 350 Maine news link.

En Masse in September in the Streets of NYC

On September 23, we have an opportunity to show heads of state from around the world that we need them to pledge action to address the climate crisis. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is hosting a Climate Leadership Summit, asking these leaders to specify and pledge how their countries will take action. Since this could be the only time in the next few years when many of the world’s leaders will get together to discuss climate change, it is our chance to greet them with the largest mobilization in climate in history—the People’s Climate March. Bill McKibben wrote about this call to assembly in the recent issue of Rolling Stone. This is not a call to risk arrest; it is a call to show by our numbers the pressing need for leaders to act. Click here for “an invitation to change everything.”

 Other Updates

  • Our “Hands Across the Sand/Hands Across the Land” event on May 17 was “Dampened But Not Defeated” (referring to the weather) as reported in the Portland Phoenix. See our lists of visuals and reports here.

  • 350 Maine Tar Sands campaign ranked second in The Portland Phoenix “Best of 2014: Local Cause.” Thank you to our supporters for the vote of confidence—and congratulations to all nominees in the local cause category!

  • On May 23 & 24 350 Brunswick stood in support of the students of Bowdoin Climate Action in their ongoing work to divest the college endowment from fossil fuels.

 Save the Date—and See the Calendar for More

  • 350 Waldo County, May 28: monthly meeting @6:30pm, 3rd floor conference room, Belfast Free Library; FMI here

  • Monson, June 5: Stop The East-West Corridor (STEWC) anniversary potluck and party @5:30pm, FMI here

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