The 3rd Anniversary of Kalamzoo

Remember the Kalamazoo River Tar Sands Disaster: Day of Action

Global Work Party, 350 Now!, Moving Planet, Blow the Whistle, Connect the Dots—time and time again, has given us a day to be creative about making a statement on climate change. Now 350 Maine wants you to get creative about the upcoming third anniversary of the Kalamazoo tar sands spill.

John  Grap/The Enquirer

Our vision is that on July 25th, 350 Mainers will drop a banner, hold a vigil, do a teach-in, or in some other way commemorate this tar sands spill—a spill that has yet to be completely cleaned up, a spill that demonstrates the dangers of tar sands in pipelines—whether we are talking about the Keystone XL or the Enbridge Line 9B and the Portland-Montreal Pipeline. 350 Mainers from all over the state will send their ways of commemorating this disaster to, and we’ll post them on our Facebook site.

Climate change is a tough reality to face, and many people would prefer to pretend that they don’t need to face it. We all know that the effects of disasters impact communities long after the event ceases to be newsworthy. The extraction, transport, refining and consumption of tar sands jeopardizes the planet. Let’s show the people of Michigan that Maine stands with them, that we understand their struggle for climate justice. Let’s do it in a way that alerts all of Maine to the harsh realities of tar sands and their part in escalating climate crisis.

Let’s remember Kalamazoo.

⇰ Currently, we have one confirmed rally related to the Kalamazoo Anniversary at the Portland Water District on Thursday, 7/25 from 6-7:30 pm. See this link for additional information.

If you are interested in engaging others in a Kalamazoo Anniversary Event near you, please contact us at We’re interested in announcing your event in advance - and reporting the experience (including via uploading pictures and other information about the efforts).