Healing Walk Support



On June 27 through 29, First Nations people from Alberta, Canada, will be hosting the 5th and final Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, Alberta. We walk to heal the land, the animals, and the people of the region. It is a spiritual gathering of hope and prayer to bring forth a new story, one of renewal and respect for all people and Mother Earth. The First Nations are inviting people throughout Canada and the United States to join them on this walk.

Here, in 350 Maine, we want to support that healing. We are working to not only bring a few people from Maine, but also want to help bring folks from frontline communities throughout the country.

Three Maine women all very committed to this vision and bringing the story back to us here and beyond are participating. Sarah Lachance, the 350 Maine Tar Sands Team coordinator who has been working to amplify the realities the First Nations people are facing in Alberta; Hilary Clark, the 350 York County ​coordinator who wants to go and “look evil in the eye”; and Meredith DeFrancesco, co-host of WERU's Radioactive and Indigenous Voices radio programs, are making this epic journey together.

It is not too late to decide to join the walk; you can participate on your own or as part of 350 Maine delegation. The trip is a difficult 
one, but one that will stay with you for a lifetime! Some aspects to consider:


  • The roundtrip flight to Fort McMurray usually costs above $800;

  • Walkers will be exposed to dangerous fumes and particulate from all the pollution;

  • The Healing Walk is about 8 miles long—all next to a toxic beast.

For more information on joining us and others from the 350 family around the country, please go here.

If you decide going on the Healing Walk doesn’t make sense for you, please consider supporting some folks who really want to connect with people facing similar struggles and join a growing international network of frontline activists. Your donation can help bring some of the AMAZING frontline organizers, working in their own communities throughout the country, to the Healing Walk. Your support will help give frontline activists the tools they need to amplify their stories in local and national media when they return home.  Please help build the movement; send activists and organizers to the Alberta tar sands!

Hilary, Meredith, and Sarah all want to share with your communities their experiences and the stories they heard from the First Nations people fighting for their lives. Contact Sarah at sarah@350maine.org or 207-459-0419 to arrange a presentation in your town.

Thank you for all you do to keep tar sands in the ground.

In solidarity,

Sarah Lachance

350.org Healing Walk Coordinator and 350 Maine Tar Sands Team Coordinator