Fundraising and Other Support for the Speakers Tour

The Tar Sands Speakers Tour 2014

Fundraising and other Support  


There are a host of opportunities to ensure the success of the Speakers Tour. Support is essential, appreciated - and will be appropriately acknowledged - for a successful Tour. Funds raised will be used to offset the costs of the Tour. Any additional funds will be donated to support Canadian First Nations battle in their fight against tar sands oil and to develop solutions-based environmental projects. For further information about becoming involved, please contact Sarah Lachance at; (207) 459-0419. 


  • There are two key categories for financial support of the Tour: 


1. Crowdfunding support for the Indiegogo process - allowing for individuals to "invest"; please see our link here.

NOW INACTIVE though individual donations remain as a greatly appreciated and supportive effort. Please donate here


2. Sponsorship options for additional specific financial and other support for the Tour. Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for individuals, groups and organizations to support the Tour.

There are a variety of Sponsorship opportunities; an expectation of all Sponsorship levels is reference to the Tour via Messaging effort on the part of the sponsor (i.e., marketing materials, mailing list reference, webpage link, etc.).

    • Primary Financial Sponsorship options: 
      • Cornerstone Sponsorship of $ 2,500. This is a unique underwriting opportunity; this money will go directly to lowering the overall cost of a specific event in your community. You will be our hallmark sponsor, recognized as the underwriter of that stop on the Tour - including in Tour literature and media. You’ll receive special perks like an “after hours party” with the speakers. A signed photograph from Garth Lenz will be one of many ways we say thank you.
      • Supporting Sponsorship of $1,000. This level of sponsorship also helps us lower the overall cost per event. You will receive recognition in all our marketing materials and at the event. And, a signed photograph from Garth Lenz
      • Friend Sponsorship of $500 will receive recognition in our marketing material and a signed photograph from Garth Lenz.
    • Logistical Sponsorship options: this type of Sponsorship supports any type of help around the logistics required for a successful Tour. For example: sharing via mailing list reference to the Tour, webpage link, sending out a Press Release, help with literature creation, etc. You will be listed as a supporter at the event.


  • Local Group Support

There will be a host of needs in support of the Local Group - responsible for the on-the-ground activities leading up to and on the day of the Tour Event.

The Local Group – working with the Planning and Partnership Groups – would be particularly responsible for local fundraising and logistics. Sponsors would support the events and Tour via their individual messaging efforts.


For further information about becoming involved, please contact Sarah Lachance at; (207) 459-0419.