350 Downeast

With a federal government and Blaine House actively hostile to climate legislation, the most exciting action happening right now is at the local level. Cities and towns are hubs of innovation and creativity, where we can put climate solutions into action today. Here in Downeast Maine we have unique challenges and opportunities for action.


The new 350 Downeast node is just getting started, and we need your ideas and energy! Check out the 350 Maine calendar for time and location of our next meeting.


For more information, contact Mark Brown, 271-8514.


350 Downeast Vision

We envision communities in coastal Washington County relying completely on renewable energy resources in support of a viable economy that protects and preserves the environment for current and future generations.

To achieve this vision will require:
•    Policies that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
•    Exploration, evaluation, and development of renewable energy sources
•    A population and elected officials that understand the need for and value of renewable energy sources
•    Sustainable fisheries and forestry practices
•    Sustainable land use practices that protect the watershed and ocean
•    Enhancement of opportunities to implement “reduce, reuse, recycle” approaches

Mission Statement

350 Downeast organizes, educates, and supports people in coastal Washington County to work together as a community to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, to build momentum for energy alternatives, and to transform our communities toward a healthy, sustainable economy and environment for people and the planet.