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Over the course of our almost four year history, 350 Maine has rarely turned to our supporters to ask for financial contributions. We’re doing so now.

Thanks to all of you for your support, in many forms, over the years. 350 Maine exists due to that support.

350 Maine has had many successes over the years — and we anticipate more. But we need to grow to be an even more effective presence in the state. Though we’ve enjoyed the “let’s bust open the piggy- bank” nature of our finances to date, we need to move to something more sustainable.

At the same time, we don’t anticipate our finances — or our organizational structure — ever being terribly complicated. Consistent with our experience to date, we remain committed to our basic Mission statement (“350 Maine is a grassroots movement dedicated to solving the planetary climate crisis”) — and we know that ““We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

This is true with our finances, with a dedication to staying nimble, flexible, creative, inclusive and working together cooperatively, honoring the strengths and talents and skills of each individual.

Though we are specifically asking for financial support here, it is really a broader ask: please work with us in whatever ways best serve you, in support of the strongest 350 Maine possible. This may include attendance at our meetings and events, volunteering, reviewing and sharing our various messaging efforts — and financial support. There is no expectation of frequency or amount — everything counts, including periodic engagement. All is appreciated (see our contact information below to engage more directly). 

We have all come to anticipate the predictable end-of-year fundraising ask; we’re coming to you a little early (but plan to ask again by the end of the year). Please give what you can. 

Thank you!


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All donations — of ANY amount — are greatly appreciated!


Team 350 Maine