Defend Our Climate Defend Our Communities

Defend Our Climate / Defend Our Communities Day is November 16 

This is a national day of protest in Canada at iconic community landmarks and at offices of federal representatives to show that people across the land are coming together to “Defend our Climate and Defend our Communities.”

350 Maine wants to join in solidarity. The goal is to show communities creating a "united wall of opposition" to pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change. Our Canadian allies are hoping for “a highly visual public action to challenge government, rally the public, and show the unprecedented breadth, depth and diversity of opposition” across both countries.

Think of it as a “Connect the Dots” or Draw the Line” kind of action day. 350 Maine can’t host a Canadian flagship city action, but we are open to non-violent civil-disobedience action at local municipal, state, and federal offices or at a local landmark that either represents the community or will be impacted by fossil-fuel expansion/climate-change. We like the local option for its smaller carbon footprint so there will be no flagship 350 Maine action. Let us be everywhere!

This is an opportunity to be heard on climate change right here in Maine


  • Belfast:  350 Waldo County would like to hold an action on the Belfast Commons involving a pipeline, scaffolding holding it up (sawhorses?), maybe an faux oil spill.  There would be chanting, destruction of the pipeline, and dancing.  Fun will be the order of the day.

But we need a crowd, the more the merrier.  So please, respond to this invite, let us know you wish to be part of this occasion.  Canada needs you help, the US needs to hear your voice.  The issues of tar sands, fracking and climate change will not be addressed unless we speak out.

Belfast contact: Bob Shaw @

Facebook Event Page for the Belfast Action: