Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions 2014

Expo, Rally & Summit

We are planning a one-day event at the Augusta Civic Center on March 12, 2014, to bring together a broad representation of people working on climate change in Maine.

Who we are

  • One dozen Maine organizations, from the non-profit, education, business and government communities, have pooled our resources to organize this event.

Our goals

  • Demonstrate to the legislature, state government, and the community at large that there is extensive support for action on climate change and already much work being done.

  • Give attendees an opportunity to learn, network and build coalitions.

  • Create a space for broad participation in public policy discussions of climate change.

Our event

  • Expo - business, government, technology, education and community initiatives sharing their climate solutions with the general public. Theme: “What Is Happening Now.”

  • Rally - activists and politicians, engaging in the political process through speeches, petitions, signs and symbolic actions. Theme: “What We Want to Happen.”

  • Summit - thought leaders from Maine seriously considering public policy on climate change. Theme: “How to Make It Happen.”

How to get involved

  • Become a “Friend of Climate Solutions” by signing our open letter calling for action to phase out greenhouse gas pollution and to prepare for climate changes.

  • Volunteer (put on a workshop, lead a discussion, help with outreach, etc.).

  • Support us financially (overall or for specific program components).

  • Exhibit (secure a display table at the Expo).

  • Subscribe to our email list (sign up at

Organizing Committee

350 Maine, Coastal Enterprises, ReVision Energy, Unity College, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners, Maine Interfaith Power and Light, InSource Renewables, Maine Conservation Alliance, Conservation Law Foundation, Mountain Rider’s Alliance, The Penobscot Nation, The Resilience Hub.

For more information, contact Fred Horch 522-6844 <> or Karen Marysdaughter 525-4538 <>.


Climate Solutions Expo, Rally & Summit