Clear Skies Ordinance


"The South Portland City Council has voted to ban the export of Canadian tar-sands crude through the city, effectively ending any attempt to bring the crude from western Canada through a pipeline into the city." - MPBN

 "With a 6-1 vote, South Portland City Councilors have made history by passing an ordinance to block the loading of crude oil, including tar sands oil. According to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, South Portland is the first community to pass such an ordinance. A crowd of about 300 people turned out to hear the vote on the Clear Skies Ordinance Monday night [7/21/14]." - WCSH6

The power of grassroots and local organizing brings a victory to Maine with the Clear Skies Ordinance! Thanks to all the volunteers from 350 Maine who stepped up to help support Protect South Portland in their fight to keep toxic tar sands out of Maine. People power said NO to Big Oil and won!

“I’d like to take this opportunity to plead with the [Portland Pipe Line Corp.] and Waterfront Coalition: Please do not fight this ordinance,” at-large Councilor Tom Blake said, noting the potential cost of a legal battle. “This ordinance is the will of the people. … All you’re going to do is alienate yourself even further.” - BDN