What's Going on at PMPL? A Call to Action

Attention 350 Mainers,

On June 10th, the City of South Portland’s website homepage warned citizens about traffic re-routes due to “an oil pipeline issue.” 

Noticing the message, a local resident called the Portland Pipeline Company on June 11th to ask: What’s up? closed.jpg

Portland Pipeline told him to call the Water District. The Portland Water District told him they were “not aware of the issue" and suggested he call Portland Pipeline. 

Here is the notice that was posted on the City of South Portland Website. It has since been taken down:

Due to an oil pipeline issue, the contractor will not have the westbound section of the road open as usual for the 5:00 PM traffic.

While Portland Pipeline has been defending their right to transport Tar Sands through Maine, they've made big claims about how transparent they are. We want to hold them accountable by flooding their voicemails and inboxes with inquiries about this “oil pipeline issue.” 

Action: Please email or call to ask what the “oil pipeline issue” is at Broadway between Main Street and Westbrook Street. Please let us know if you make a phone call or send an email, so we can keep track of the volume. Also please forward us any responses you receive.

This may turn out to be a big deal, or nothing. Either way we want the Portland Pipeline Company and the City of South Portland to know that we are watching, that we are ready to act, and that we will hold them accountable. 

Portland Pipeline:

Phone: 207-767-0421

Portland Water District:

City of South Portland:

Thank you,

350 Maine