NoDAPL bank divestment

“At this point anyone who finances any fossil fuel infrastructure is attempting to make money on the guaranteed destruction of the planet.”--Bill McKibben in YES Magazine, 9/22/16


350 Maine is heeding the call of indigenous Americans and building a bank divestment campaign. We are appealing to all our friends, and friends of friends, throughout the state—inside as well as outside the banks—to end the financing of all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

At this campaign’s inception, our principal focus is TD Bank [short for Toronto Dominion, Canada’s second largest bank]. Through its subsidiary, TD Securities, TD Bank is the biggest investor in the Dakota Access Pipeline (as it was previously in the Keystone XL Pipeline) that is to be found in the State of Maine. A number of other big banks with less presence in this state—chief among them Wells Fargo and Citigroup—are also complicit. They could equally well be targeted.

Mindful that none of us are “clean” when it comes to carbon pollution—and acknowledging that TD Bank has already begun making praiseworthy, serious financial contributions to a greener Maine economy—we are nevertheless asking in this campaign the following:


  • Sit down and talk with your TD Bank manager or officer (courteously—for he or she is likely to be aware and proud of the solar installations and other green infrastructure that the bank has been financing locally--and possibly unaware of [as well as not responsible for] the decision to fund DAPL)
  • Explain why you want to close your account, and ask that your concerns be expressed in a letter to a superior within the bank, copied to you.
  • Tell us of your action. Post it on your Facebook page, if you have one. And once you’ve withdrawn your funds, post it further on DefundDAPL. (Meanwhile, your money can safely be deposited in a Maine credit union or savings and loan institution.)
  • Magnify your action in other ways as well—write a Letter to the Editor, give an interview…Spread the word!



  • Seek them out or tell us about them. Explore their willingness to join this nonviolent boycott. Ask them to do what you have done or would do.

Let us build this new age of renewable energy together—resolutely, courageously, and quickly.

Contact Lee Chisholm and Esphabad Dodd for more information or to get involved with this campaign.