August 9, 2015 Email Blast

Preparing for a Sustaining Harvest -- of Activism!


Join — and support — 350 Maine for our “Summer Salad Climate Supper” Fundraiser

by Es Topolarova

WHEN: Wednesday, August 12; 6:00-8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Church, 524 Allen Ave., Portland

Ever wondered what will happen when the Gulf of Maine gets too hot?! To marine life? To our economy? To the future of our children?

We will speak and eat to that in our first annual Summer Salad Climate Supper - a fundraiser to cover printing costs, art-build supplies, and other expenses associated with our S.O.S. (Save Our Seas) campaign which is raising awareness about the growing impact of carbon pollution on the Gulf of Maine.

This is a festive potluck event. Bring any kind of salad, some bread or an appetizer or a dessert. And financial support (suggested donation $10). If you cannot attend, wish us well and please donate here! Please also see our Facebook Page - and more about the S.O.S. campaign here.  Any questions? Contact Ester at or at 313-6692.


350 Maine: An Invitation to a Conversation
by Bob Klotz

350 Maine is now 3 ½ years young and, with your support, we have learned and accomplished a great deal. As we continue to grow and move forward, we invite you to consider “what’s next?” for 350 Maine — especially in relationship with YOU!

Please join us for a meeting of 350 Maine supporters from across the state; this will be an opportunity to plan for the future. This is important with all there is to do, including with upcoming “Road Through Paris” events, the developing presidential primary campaign process and the host of extreme energy and solutions issues to attend to.

Fall is the time to “harvest” the fruits of our labor and to prepare for the coming winter and new year. We look forward to doing so with you in support of our shared 350 Maine work.  

WHEN: Sunday, September 13; 2:00-6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mediation Center, 11 King St., Augusta, Maine

FMI and to RSVP: see here


The Clean Power Plan
by Lee Chisholm

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this past week released the final version of its Clean Power Plan. Designed to reduce this country’s CO2 emissions in the power sector over the course of the next fifteen years by 32% of 2005 levels, this is the biggest carbon emission reduction measure in U.S. history.

Does it do it all? Hardly (see the statement here: “...significant, but not enough”). Tar sands exploitation, fracking, Arctic oil exploration, and deepwater drilling, for instance, are not affected by the Clean Power Plan—at least not directly. But is the Plan a big deal? Absolutely! Among its beneficial effects:

  • Coal-fired power plants become utterly unsustainable

  • Electricity from the sun and wind is thoughtfully incentivized (v. prejudicially ignored in favor of a rush to natural gas)

  • Clean energy job creation and cleaner air public health both increase

  • Climate change enters the debate in the 2016 elections (Remember the extraordinary silence of 2012?)

  • U.S. moral authority for meaningful advocacy in Paris is strengthened

True enough—the Clean Energy Plan is just a first step. But as anybody who has ever been to a gym or set out for a jog well knows, the first steps are invariably the hardest. Once the body gets moving, momentum sets in!

So here’s a shout out to Barack Obama, Gina McCarthy, and all those who labored to make this first step in the body politic a reality! They deserve our energetic, heartfelt support.



Please complete this simple message to President Obama urging him to stop Shell’s dangerous Arctic drilling plan by rejecting Shell’s final permit; see: Greenpeace's Call to Stop Shell.


Save-The-Date: See this Calendar link for information related to upcoming events across the state.

Team 350 Maine