August 19 2016 Update


Good morning!

Hope your summer has gone well. Though you haven't heard from us in a bit, 350 Maine has been busy -- and it's going to get busier in the coming months...and we need you!

Some of you may have seen the most recent article from Bill McKibben in the New Republic: "A World At War"; pretty impressive and inspiring! 

We are sharing an opportunity to engage in the conversation -- and the planning for action -- including via a Facebook Page TODAY, Friday, August 19 at 1 p.m EST: watch's FB page for a Live Q&A discussion with cofounder and author, Bill McKibben.

Have questions about his latest article in the New Republic and the large-scale mobilization needed to combat the climate crisis? Post questions in the comments section of the link below to jumpstart the conversation.

See the Facebook link related to the Q&A here

There's much more to discuss, including related to issues on the state (Maine PUC approval of public funding of massive natural gas infrastructure, the resurrection of the twice-defeated mining effort, theongoing battles related to renewables -- and the notable successes in Rockland), regional (success withoil-by-train realities in Albany and with blocking Maine-affecting natural gas infrastructure in Massachusetts, the ongoing threat of tar sands -- including the legal battle in South Portland...and the need to support the Clear Skies Ordinance Legal Defense Fund -- and the Energy East threat) andnational/global (including the disaster in Louisiana -- and beyond, the fight related to pipelines in North Dakota and ongoing political and economic realities) levels. 

We remain committed to conversation and action on all of these issues and more -- and would love to hear from you regarding what is important to you...and how you can be involved to support all of us. 


Bob Klotz
for 350 Maine

P.S. Here's a couple quick action steps if you've got that itch to DO something!

- Pledge to take action to stop Trump & make sure the Democrats get serious about climate change here
- Click here and pledge to be a consistent Environmental Voter here
- Cancel The New Orleans Fossil Fuel Auction here.
- Sign the Maine Natural Guard Pledge here

And here's a couple of quick calendar reminders: 

- 350 Greater Portland meeting: August 25 (2nd and 4th Thursday); contact Lee Chisholm FMI. 
Portland Greenfest: September 10
SURJ-Central Maine: September 22 (every 4th Monday)
- Public Hearing on the DEP proposed mining bill: September 15 (more information pending)
Common Ground Fair: September 23-25
Maine Peace Walk: October 11-26