Auburn Train Blockade

From the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal (Aug. 29th, 2013):

The way Jessie Dowling sees it, getting arrested is the very least she can do.

"We need to put our bodies on the line," the 32-year-old Unity woman said, just before being led into a police van for the short ride to jail. "We don't want another Lac-Megantic."

And there, in one simple sentence, was the thrust of the event. (Read more):


(Photo: Jessie Dowling, Douglas Bowen Jr. and Meaghan LaSala defy orders from Auburn police to move off the railroad tracks next to Denny's in Auburn on Wednesday evening during a protest against oil being transported over the railways. They were eventually arrested without incident. Credit: Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

Read 350 Maine's press release here.