350 Maine Supports Protect South Portland Press Conference

On Tuesday, October 8, Protect South Portland will be having a press conference; your ability to attend and show your support is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word!

News Conference: Citizens To Expose Oil Industry Attempts to Mislead on Tar Sands Project

WHAT:      South Portland, Maine - Protect South Portland will hold a
news conference on Tuesday, October 8 at 11:00 a.m. at their campaign office
(72 Ocean Street, Suite 105, South Portland) to expose the  oil industry's
attempts to mislead South Portland voters.

On Tuesday, November 5, South Portland voters face an opportunity to vote
for a Waterfront Protection Ordinance that would keep the city's waterfront
as it is, with children playing in Bug Light Park, and marinas, restaurants,
schools, and homes sharing the shore with a variety of industrial uses.

But Portland Pipe Line Corporation and its oil industry allies are fighting
the ordinance, hoping they will get a green light to turn South Portland
into a center for exporting tar sands oil. This transformation would bring
new smokestacks; tons of additional toxic emissions; and more tankers on
Casco Bay, increasing the risk of a major spill of the more environmentally
dangerous tar sands oil.

Big Oil is known for its strong-arm tactics, deceptive arguments, and
disregard for local communities and clean air and water and a healthy
environment. Protect South Portland will use the press conference to expose
the falsehoods that big oil companies have been spreading during the
campaign and pinpoint the interests that are really behind the opposition to
the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

"South Portland residents should not be misled by the oil industry's
high-priced campaign and its false claims meant to scare voters," said Carol
Masterson of South Portland, a volunteer spokesperson for Protect South
Portland. "It seems like the tar sands interests behind the opposition will
say anything, but that can't prevent us from protecting our city."

WHEN:      Tuesday, October 8 at 11:00 a.m. (please arrive @ 10:45 am)

WHERE:    Protect South Portland campaign headquarters, 72 Ocean Street,
Suite 105, South Portland; see map


.         South Portland Mayor Tom Blake

.         Dave Owen, law professor, South Portland resident

.         Carol Masterson, volunteer spokesperson, Protect South Portland and mother of two small children

.         Large crowd with signs

.         Posters of oil industry falsehoods