350 Maine needs YOU to help grow the climate movement at home



We at 350 Maine have had a busy year—from the January tar sands free New England rally in Portland to a train blockade in Fairfieldto the waterfront protection ordinance struggle in South Portland. We have joined with other environmental organizations in Maine to push for legislation that would lessen climate disruption and worked with grassroots organizations in regional struggles such as the Searsport LPG mega-tank and the East-West Corridor. And we are doing it all on volunteer power—demonstrating that 350 groups are part of a people-powered movement!

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We've got big plans for 2014:

  • A January-February Tar Sands Speakers Tour that will bring First Nation organizers Crystal Lameman and Eriel Deranger to speak about their struggle to halt the tar sands from the front lines. National Geographic photographer and TED talk notable Garth Lenz will also present. The tour includes two venues in Maine as well as stops in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.
  • March 12 Climate Solutions Expo & Summit at the Augusta Civic Center. Solving our climate change challenge may seem impossible, but as Nelson Mandela famously said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” We can accelerate the efforts of many Mainers working hard to solve climate change. How? By bringing people together for a one-day expo and summit. We are facing a December 20 deadline to raise the balance of the funds we need. Even a small amount would be a big boost for climate solutions here in Maine.
  • A divestment campaign that includes a bill to divest the Maine Employees Retirement System endowment. We are working on private and public campuses and with Interfaith Power & Light on a Divestment Sunday as well as with various municipalities and faith communities around the state.
  •  A legal defense fund to support 350 Maine activists who are arrested protesting fossil fuel infrastructure and extreme energy extraction, like the eight people who were arrested blocking trains carrying fracked oil through our state. We need to make sure that those who are ready to put their bodies on the line don’t have to worry about the financial cost to do so.

Please donate to support 350 Maine

350 Maine does not charge membership dues; we are committed to being an open organization—no one need ask for a sliding scale to join our ranks. As Bill McKibben points out, 350 activism operates with a special form of "currency: creativity, courage and if needed, our bodies."

That said, we also live in a world of monetary needs. Your contribution will help us build the climate movement in Maine. Can you chip in to support our work? We will make every penny count!

Thank you for standing by - and with! - 350 Maine. Your support helps fund a bigger, better climate movement in Maine for 2014.

Please donate to support 350 Maine