What: 350 Maine: An Invitation to a Conversation
When: September 13, 2015 at 2pm
Where: The Mediation Center, 11 King St., Augusta, Maine
Map: Google map and directions
Contact: Bob Klotz



350 Maine - and YOU!:

a conversation about our past, present -- and future!

Please join fellow-supporters of 350 Maine as we come together on Sunday, September 13 from 2-6 p.m. at the Mediation Center at 11 King St. in Augusta, Maine.  See a carpool coordination tool here
This meeting is a call to supporters from across the state to come together, in the words of Bill McKibben, to "organize, organize, organize". 
There is much to do -- and we have already accomplished a great deal together -- and we need to work together to grow our successes into the future. 
Please see this link to our Developing Agenda for the event. 

Also, please consider these goals and objectives of our meeting together: 

GOAL: to have a face-to-face conversation in support of 350 Maine


  • to reinforce and celebrate the past, present and future successes of 350 Maine

  • to engage many regarding the current “structure” of 350 Maine and autonomous nodes and teams

  • to consider what has worked, what hasn’t...and what could, in support of the ongoing effectiveness of 350 Maine

  • to invite many to participate in support of 350 Maine

  • to strengthen the 350 Maine “family” and its activities

  • to consider specific action steps related to climate justice, the Road Through Paris, the upcoming political campaign season -- and much, much more. 

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