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Bidder 70 screening in Portsmouth

bidder70.jpgDon't miss this showing of “Bidder 70This Is What Hope Looks Like” on February 21, at 7pm, at South Church in Portsmouth. This event is sponsored by the 350 York County, Green Sanctuary, Senior Youth and Social Justice Associates of South Church-UU. "Bidder 70" centers on an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability. In 2008 University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher committed an act that redefined patriotism in our time, igniting a spirit of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice. Follow Tim, Bidder 70, from college student to incarcerated felon. Redefine justice for yourself. What would you sacrifice? Discussion to follow film. Refreshments served. Read more about the film by going to:

It’s about Sol-utions and politics!

During this short legislative session at the Maine State House, many priorities need our support. One key bill that demands attention is LD 1252, the Solar Rebate Program. This bill is moving out of committee and to the floor with bipartisan but divided support. LD 1252 would re-establish funding for the recently expired Solar Rebate Program that helps homeowners and businesses invest in solar by decreasing the upfront costs. Our Environmental Priorities Council partner, NRCM, has an easy way for you to contact your legislatorto request his or her support for LD 1252. Please take a moment to support renewable energy in our state.

Public Hearing on Mining Rules Change

The Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will hold a public hearing February, 24, 2014 at 9:00 in the Cross Building Room 216 on approval of the metallic mining rules. Please attend this hearing and have your voice heard in opposing the metallic mining rules as written. These rules have been crafted by and for the mining industry with no regard for the environmental wellbeing of our state. If you cannot attend please write, Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, c/o Legislative Information, 100 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 or email the Committee Clerk Jacob Stern with your concerns. We cannot allow these dangerous rules to be implemented in our state!


Local resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline is growing

 On January 31, the State Department released its second attempt at an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) of the KXL. It fails to address the full impact the pipeline would have on climate and accepts the business-as-usual approach of extracting and burning as much fossil fuel as possible. The State Department is currently completing a national interest determination. Factors it will consider include energy security and environmental, cultural and economic impacts. Public comments on any factor the public deems relevant to a national interest determination will be accepted until March 7, 2014. To learn more about how to make a comment go to:

The more than one million comments in opposition to the first favorable EIS report didn't sway the policy makers. We need to be preparing to respond if the State Department determines that KXL is in the national interest. Once that determination is made, the final decision is President Obama’s to make. He can side with the oil companies or with the people. We must show him we are the force that must be heeded.

More than 77,000 people have signed Credo’s Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance. They have gone on record saying that they will participate in an act of nonviolent direct action to stop the KXL, even to the point of risking arrest. Two new Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance trainings in nonviolent civil disobedience are scheduled. One will be at the Durham Friends Meeting House on February 22 from 9-1 (contact Lee Chisholm ( The other training will be at Portsmouth’s community radio station WCSA on March 2 (contact Hilary Clark (

Be Part of Climate Solutions!

On Wednesday, March 12, Climate Solutions will showcase exciting ways to solve climate change, exploring practical and sustainable climate solutions for Maine. The free Expo portion of the event includes exhibits and presentations on energy efficiency, adaptation planning, farming, community energy, renewable energy, fisheries, and much, much more! Please RSVP here; we’ll see you there!