Tar Sands Exposed Tour Update and a whole lot more!

 “Global financiers betting on the tar sands are killing our last,
best chance at maintaining a livable climate for everybody.”
~Eriel Deranger~

 A Tar Sands Exposed Tour Speaker, Exposed

erield.pngEriel Deranger is a Dene Indigenous activist and member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) of northern Alberta, Canada. She is employed as the tar sands campaign and communication coordinator for ACFN. Deranger focuses on educating about the Alberta tar sands and holding all levels of the government and private sector responsible for implementation of the unique Indigenous rights her people have via Treaty 8 and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. She comes from a family that has long battled industrial and illegal activities on their traditional and treaty lands.

Eriel Deranger will be speaking at Maine’s Tar Sands Exposed events on Friday 1/31/14 in Portland and on Saturday 2/1/14 in Orono

On the Road

stjohnsbury.jpgWe’re happy to announce that the first two stops on the tour, Burlington and St. Johnsbury, started this tour off with a bang! Both events were delivered to packed houses with well over $1,500 in donations raised to support the First Nations legal defense fund. A huge THANK YOU to speaker Crystal Lameman! According to road reports, Crystal is bringing people to their feet every night!

 “It is my obligation as a mother, my obligation to my ancestors to ensure we have our rights respected. It’s my obligation to my future generations and most of all to our own true mother—something each and every one of us in here has in common. That obligation can never be surrendered. We are keepers of the land, stewards of the land. Every single thing that a human being needs to survive is here in Canada.”

“She is so motivating and speaks the truth with such moving conviction and passion that there is NO question that she has strengthened this movement in immeasurable ways,” says one audience member of the Tour. Be sure you don’t miss out!  More events in NHMA & ME!

“Solidarity with the South. You are in our hearts.”

solidarity_banner12214.jpgOn Wednesday, January 22, the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline opened up to ship crude oil from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast. On the same day two TWAC-tivists, who have worked with 350 Maine, locked themselves to TD Bank’s front door on Congress Street in Portland to answer a call from communities affected by the pipeline. The northern leg is still pending approval from the State Department because it crosses from Canada into the United States. If approved, this will release the floodgates for Canadian tar sands to be developed faster, risking the well-being of the communities along the pipeline path, those near the refineries, and ultimately all of us by exacerbating global climate change. TD Bank is the largest financier of the pipeline project. Thank you, Skip and Sylvia, for your solidarity and dedication to expose those who are profiting from the planet’s destruction!

SoPo Oil Sands Committee

Also on Wednesday, the South Portland City Council appointed three volunteers to the Oil Sands Committee: Michael Conathan, the Director of Ocean Policy at American Progressattorney Russell B. Pierce, Jr., and David Critchfield, who works at the environmental risk firm EMSOURCE. These individuals are responsible for developing an ordinance to bar the importation of Canadian tar sands into SoPo.

Solar Bill Update

On Tuesday, January 21, Maine’s Energy and Utility Committee held a public hearing for the Solar Bill, LD 1652. All but two testimonies were in favor of the bill and the committee voiced general support for it. More information is expected after the results of the committee’s work session on January 22 are made available.

Suggested Reading, Just in Case You Missed It

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.”
~ Ancient Native American Proverb ~