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#NoDAPL: Solidarity at Standing Rock — No! to the Dakota Access Pipeline

350 Maine is excited to be working with a host of allies in solidarity with the Standing Rock Camp in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

On Sunday, September 11, over 400 people gathered together in Bangor for the Wabanaki-led "Standing In Solidarity with Standing Rock" event; see information links (including pictures and news reports) here

On Tuesday, September 13 -- the National Day of Action -- there were three events in Maine: 

Bath: "Gather at the River for Thanksgiving and Solidarity"; see a photo album, including a news report, here.  

Kittery"Kittery Supports Standing Rock"; see a photo album, including a news report, here.  

Hallowell"A Sit-In at the PUC". Though primarily billed as an action against the Public Utilities Commission, the Maine Students for Climate Justice (and many 350 Maine supporters) also stood in solidarity; see additional information here

On Saturday, September 17, an event took place at Congress Square Park:

Portland"Standing in Solidarity"at 12:30 p.m. Over 250 grassroots activists joined representatives of the Penobscot Nation (including Kathy Paul, June Sapiel -- who has been and will be returning to Standing Rock -- Dawn Neptune Adams and others), 350 Maine, Sierra Club, Maine Peoples Alliance, Food and Water Watch, Community Water Justice, Environment Maine, the Southern Maine Workers Center, Protect South Portland and others as we all took a stand in support of Standing Rock. See additional information here

See this link for reports about events that have taken place across the country. 

 Other Ways to Show Your Support and Solidarity 

Please sign this petition to President Obama calling on him to fully stop the Dakota Access Pipeline


Please see "Support the Sacred Stone Camp" hyperlinks here  

See our September 21st email -- which includes a host of updates, action steps & calendar reminders. 


Public Transportation in Maine? It's up to -- the public: ALL OF US!

Let's all step up to do what it takes to reduce our carbon impact -- and the traffic to the Fair.

There are many options to make that happen -- including, this year, buses from across the state.

See this link for a host of information links to assist all of us in our shared travel to Unity; see this link for Facebook-based updates. 

Let's commit to developing workable public transportation in Maine...for the Common Ground Fair -- and beyond!!

See this link for more information about the 2016 Common Ground Country Fair.

Be Sure to Stop By To Visit 350 Maine at the Common Ground Country Fair!

 What is 350 Maine?

We're building a grassroots network across the state to address the crisis of climate change and a world too dependent on dirty fossil fuels.

Together, under the banner of the message and organizing model of, we're forging a path to a cleaner, more sustainable future that puts the long term health of the planet and its inhabitants above the short term profits of energy companies.