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Break Free from Fossil Fuels

For a livable climate and a just transition to renewable energy, fossil fuels must be kept in the ground. No crude oil "bomb trains". No fracked gas or oil infrastructure. No more pollution. On May 14 we gather for a massive action to stop these dangerous trains in their tracks. Joining others all around the world, we will put our bodies in the way of fossil fuels to show the collective power of our movement. Learn more and sign up here:

Are you ready to participate? Find out more, meet others similarly moved, and get yourself primed to travel with  Mainers this May to Albany for the Break Free action of the American Northeast--by joining us at the Friends School of Portland (11 U.S. Route One in Cumberland) Saturday, April 23, 10-noon. For more information (both about that gathering and next steps) contact Lee Chisholm and Michelle Fournier.




The pressure on Exxon is growing. If, as strong evidence suggests, the world’s biggest fossil fuel company was fully informed of the climate crisis by its own scientists as early as 1977 and proceeded in the decades thereafter to intentionally deceive us, spending millions of dollars to generate in the public mind a state of confused indifference—then arguably it is guilty of the greatest, most consequential fraud in history. The Attorneys General of New York, California, Massachusetts and the Virgin Islands have launched an investigation. Maine A.G. Janet Mills has expressed sympathy with these efforts. Urge her to join them or to launch a formal investigation of Maine’s own.

Sign the petition to Maine's A.G. Janet Mills HERE!


We hope you can join us in Augusta on Friday, April 22 at 10:00 am for a rally and press conference as we deliver the petition signatures to Attorney General Janet Mills. We will be outside, between the Maine Legislature and Cross Office building.


For details on our upcoming meetings and events, see our calendar.

NOTE: if you are interested in hosting a Tar Sands Healing Walk presentation in your areaplease contact Lee ChisholmSarah Lachance or Hilary Clark. See a video of a 11/23/14 presentation in Damariscotta here.

If you are interested in hosting a presentation related to the “Clear Skies Ordinance” win in South Portland, please contact Bob Klotz.

 What is 350 Maine?

We're building a grassroots network across the state to address the crisis of climate change and a world too dependent on dirty fossil fuels.

Together, under the banner of the message and organizing model of, we're forging a path to a cleaner, more sustainable future that puts the long term health of the planet and its inhabitants above the short term profits of energy companies.




What is 350?